The Columbia Men’s Liftop II Snow Boot Review

Finding the perfect boots to use on snow goes way beyond just walking to a shoes store and picking the first pair that fits. There are a variety of factors that you need to consider before even trying to shop for a pair.

Factors such as durability, insulation, comfort and stability are just but a few of them.It’s always quite challenging to move from store to store searching for the best, so here is the most recommended pair that will work for any lover of the outdoors.

The Columbia Men’s Liftop II Snow Boot is rich with features that are unmatched by any other boot of its caliber. Below is a comprehensive review of its features, pros and cons.

Columbia Men's Liftop II Snow Boot


The Columbia Men’s Liftop II is designed with a 2” heel that ensures better stability and comfort. Its shaft measures close to 4″ from the arch, hence ensuring both comfort and stability for people with different kinds or feet.

It has a net weight of 2 pounds which is light enough for easier walking, running and hiking. The product dimensions are 12 by 8 by 4 inches.


Most of these boots’ parts are made of synthetic material. For maximum support, stability and comfort, the Liftop II come equipped with rubber soles with a heel that is approximately 2 inches thick.

Its uppers are made of breathable leather and a meshed textile to ensure free flow of air and moisture into and out of them, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

These uppers are seam-sealed to make them waterproof hence no need to worry about getting your feet wet as you walk on snow or wet terrain. It also has a padded collar/tongue and front lace-ups for a snugly fit.


The Columbia Men’s Liftop II Snow Boot is among the few snow boots that have been designed with strength and comfort in mind. First of all, the uppers of these boots are made of leather and textile that are breathable for better air and moisture circulation.

This keeps your feet dry as you walk on snow, which in turn leads to comfortable walking. Its inner lining and collar/tongue are padded for better comfort and cushioning of the feet.

For the sake of the soles of your feet, these boots feature rubber soles with a 2-inch sole and a shaft that measures 4 inches from the arch. This, in addition to the TechLite cushioned outsole are great for comfort, stability and shock attenuation as you walk on snow or rough terrain.

Its front laces ensure a perfect fit for walking comfortably without the worry of your shoes slipping off your feet, while its critical zone insulation ensures your feet remain warm as you walk on snow.


Snow often makes the ground slippery and walking with shoes with little traction may as well be a punishment. The Columbia Liftop II features the Omni-Grip non-marking traction outsoles made of rubber for better stability and traction as you walk on snow, as well as the TechLite cushioned outsole for added comfort, stability and shock absorption.

In addition to this, the shoes do not dig into the snow, messing up your path. Their waterproof seam-sealed uppers ensure that the feet remain dry while the critical zone insulation helps keep the feet warm, making these snow boots safe even for those allergic to the cold.

Its front laces are also safety features as they ensure they fit perfectly and that they won’t slip off your feet when walking or running. The rubber soles cater for shock absorption, keeping your feet and the whole body safe and comfortable.

Durability (Quality)

Durability is one of the most important factors you need to consider when shopping for shoes and the Columbia Liftop II is certainly a winner in this. Its rubber sole, TechLite outsole and Omni-Grip high-traction outsole are strong enough to ensure great durability.

Its uppers are made from a combination of leather and textile, materials that are very long-lasting and trusted all over the world when it comes to manufacture of heavy-duty boots. The uppers are also seam-sealed to make them waterproof, which protect the inside of the shoes from getting wet, hence making them long-lasting.

Style (Aesthetics)

These shoes are present in Mud/Cedar and Black/Charcoal color schemes for you to choose from. They are designed to reach above the ankle for better protection of the feet even when walking through thick snow.

Its rubber soles are not only beautiful, but also provide traction, stability and comfort. Its uppers are made of a beautiful combination of meshed textile and leather which increases the aesthetic value of these shoes, while protecting your feet from the harsh weather elements.The Liftop have front lace-ups that are stylish and are adjustable for a snugly fit.


  • Durable: The Columbia Liftop snow boots are made from a combination of leather, textile and rubber which are really long-lasting and are mainly meant for the manufacture of heavy-duty shoes. The uppers are seam-sealed and waterproof hence protecting the inner part of the boots from water damage. All these add up to durability.
  • Comfortable: With a padded inside, collar and tongue, your feet remain cushioned and comfortable at all times. The rubber sole on the other hand, makes sure that any shock resulting from impact on the snow is absorbed before it reaches the feet. For warmth, these shoes have the critical zone insulation feature which also makes the user comfortable. Being waterproof, your feet will be protected from entry of water and any cold.
  • Stable: These shoes come equipped with the TechLite cushioned outsole and Omni-grip outsole that provides high traction and great stability. With this, you no longer have to worry about slipping and falling when walking on snow or wet surfaces.
  • Lightweight: At just 2 pounds, the Columbia Liftop II Snow Boots are definitely among the lightest outdoor boots in the world. This makes them easy and comfortable to walk with.


  • A little wide: For users with narrower feet, these shoes may be a little wide for comfortable walking. Though, with the adjustable front laces, it is possible to get them to the perfect fit before you start your journey.


Have you been searching for hiking, snow or outdoor boots? Well, Columbia has you fully sorted with its Liftop II Men’s Snow Boot. These boots are designed for resilience, effectiveness, comfort, reliability and convenience.

They are manufactured from the highest quality heavy-duty materials with technological features that ensure the above features are achieved. Even with all these features, their beauty is still kept intact, making the Columbia Men’s Liftop II Snow Boots the perfect choice for any outdoor enthusiast.

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