How to keep feet warm in winter?

Keeping your feet warm during winter is very vital but it’s often difficult to achieve. During the cold weather, it’s the toes that mostly become frozen. One thing to understand to help keep your feet warm is that dryness is key to keeping your feet warm. Wearing the correct wearables that don’t allow water or dampness to reach your feet is the main thing that you should stress on. This entails buying the best winter boots.

How to keep feet warm in winter

Do you know how to keep feet warm in winter?

Wear less breathable boots

This is the main way to keep your feet dry. If you have to engage in hard activities for instance logging or hiking then breathable boots will help you in warmth. you interpretation might be that breathable boots allows cold air to enter the boot. However, boots that are breathable helps your feet perspiration to escape. Breathable boots have a membrane lining that prevents moisture to pass through while at the same time allowing perspiration.

Wear thick socks

By thick socks it means wearing socks that are made of a material that makes your feet warm. The best socks to wear are cotton made socks. The advantage of wearing socks is that it you can wear them indoors and outdoors. Other materials to use to make socks that will supply warmth to your feet include fleece, synthetic and isoWool. However, while choosing good socks, look for socks that are thin enough not to squeeze your feet while wearing summer boots. The best socks for winter should be longer preferably reaching your knee level. Color should not be a priority while selecting winter socks.

Use toe warmers

Wondering what toe warmers are? These are inserts that you use to keep your feet warm for even up to 6 hours. They are placed either above or below the shoe. Once you open the plastic packet, they are automatically activated. What makes them even better is that they are very thing to even fit inside your tight winter boot. If your toes are very sensitive, then these wearables will be an added advantage to you.

Insulate with paper

This may look traditional but who looks inside your shoe anyway? During the cold winter weather, take a piece of paper for instance a piece of newspaper and fold it on your foot, then wear your best winter boots. This works as an insulation to your foot keeping them dry all day long. The advantage of using a paper Is that it’s very comfortable due to its thinness and lightness. However the paper acts as added warmth and not to prevent water from entering your boot.

You may also wrap a plastic sandwich bag on the socks which prevents cold air from reaching your feet while at the same time prevents sweat from being trapped at the bottom of your shoes.

Using silk liners

Wearing warm clothing

The fact that remains is that keeping your feet warm starts with your dressing from the head. I once camped. I learnt that feet freeze as a result of poor clothing. Wear a hart, a cotton shirt and a sweeter and a leather jacket, good underwear’s that are preferably made of cotton and a cotton made trouser. It’s even more advantageous to wear two of everything. You will end up discovering that warm clothing results to warm feet.

Keep away from rain and snow

This involves wearing winter boots that have a liner for instance Gore-Tex liner. Your shoe remains waterproof preventing any moisture from leaking. You can also invest in other wearables that will keep you from snow. These are the rain pants as well as shoe gaiters. You can also avoid walking on areas that have too much water and snow.


Walk faster?

This sounds strange bit it’s very crucial. Once you realize that your feet are beginning to freeze, you should increase your walking pace. Walking with pace especially on hilly areas will increase your blood flow and consequently your body warmth. it will keep your feet warm.


Cold weather should not be the reason to keep you indoors. You can prevent your toes from becoming painfully cold or even from frostbite. You just need the best winter boots plus the above tips to beat the cold weather. Try them plus more others and be the next success story.

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