How to protect boots from scuffing?

Winter boots range from cheap to expensive. Apart from the primary function of protecting your feet, boots second function is aesthetic; for fashion. However, no matter how carefully you walk in a new pair of boots scuff marks must happen. This happens on many occasions like for instance, where a person catches your heel accidentally from behind. Who wouldn’t like walking in a boot for a longer time? This just calls for prevention from scuff marks as they destroy the shoe despite the strong material used to manufacture shoes, let’s say leather.

How to protect boots from scuffing

Here are easy ways to protect your boots from scuffing even if you’re walking in inclement weather.

Polish your boots on buying them.

It doesn’t just involve just cleaning; you ought to use a paste or cream. This will not only to moisturize the leather of the shoe, but it will also leave it more flexible. This will make the shoe less susceptible to scuff marks making it stylish and durable for even a decade. However, you should avoid using wax to clean the shoe. The wax tends to make the shoe dry out with time making the leather for susceptible to scuffing and also making the shoe hard and uncomfortable.

Put taps on the boots tips

Do you know that boots with pointy tips can be easily worn down? Now you know. Boots that are made of natural leather, as well as a pointy tip, tend to be worn out quickly by general use that ultimately results in scuff marks. You should visit a tailor or a shoe cobbler to ensure that your boots are equipped with taps on the tips of you shoes. This will make your shoe less susceptible to scuff marks.

Make it a routine to clean the boots

Boots that are less likely to have scuff marks are supple and moist. Cleaning your shoe with a shoe conditioner and a cleaner will help the shoes become flexible and consequently less susceptible. Take a damp cloth, apply the conditioner and apply it on the shoe. You can leave the shoes to air dry and make this an everyday routine. You can buy the cleaners at shoe and boot stores.

Train yourself on proper walking habits

Do you know what causes scuffing? Scuffing is as a result of boot rubbing against each other when you walk or when they hit obstacles by accident or at will especially for children. You should pay attention while walking no matter how bothersome it feels if you want to help your expensive boots last longer. Dragging your feet while walking will make your outsoles thin out quickly.

Keep your boots away from the pets

This needs no further explanation. For cowboy boots, pet dogs tend to feel the wild smell in them evoking their wild instincts. They tend to start the habit of chewing boots as well as scratching them. This will cause multiple scuff marks on your boots. The best way is to keep the boots away from the pets.

Purchase a boot bag for carrying your boots

Boots are not suitable for long journeys. They tend to be tiresome and unstylish. However, you may need them after travelling. Keeping them alongside general luggage will leave them scratched and creased. Using a boot bag will retain the boots’ quality and durability.

Store your boots properly

Just like your palm, your boots may be creased. This depends on your storing habits. Storing boots alongside other luggage may cause scuff marks on the boots due to rubbing off. Look for a place that is not too stuffed to avoid the rubbing off.

Never try to force-dry the boots

When leather dries out, it becomes susceptible to scuff marks. You should let the boots dry as usual and naturally. Avoid using a direct heat source to dry the shoes off or even blow-drying them as they may dry out causing scuff marks.

Clean the boots with water and stain protector

This is to be occasionally done, as a way to moisten the leather of the shoe. This prevents the boots from cracking as well as reducing the susceptibility of the shoe to lose luster. You shouldn’t worry about the type of the leather you boot made of because the protector suits all leather types.

Note that: If the scuff mark appears on the surface of the boot, you can apply a polish or a leather cream conditioner.


You can now make your soft leather less prone to scuffing. It’s just a matter of care and following the above tips.

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